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MOVE GIRLS, THE QUEEN IS COM’IN !!! #2NE1 #cl #dara #minzy #bom #yg #queen

MOVE GIRLS, THE QUEEN IS COM’IN !!! #2NE1 #cl #dara #minzy #bom #yg #queen


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[130603] The Identity of Jang Sung Eun, the Woman Behind the Success of YG featuring Dara -  Jang Sung Eun is the woman exercising next to Dara who looked like Minji ^^. 2NE1 mentioned at 2:20, Dara appears at 2:37.


This article came out last week, but thanks to kamapi_chan we now have the corresponding video clip.
130523 fashionn tv yg family

The hidden brain behind the bold and fresh designs of YG artists’ album, the chief of YG Entertainment Design Section Jang Sung Eun is to be featured in ‘Suite Room’ Season 5.
The May 25th episode of FashionN ‘Suite Room’ Season 5, disclosed not only the process of designing Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ album jacket also Jang Sung Eun’s regular day in YG Entertainment. Yang Hyun Suk scouted Jang Sung Eun because his full trust in her skills of gathering new ideas.

Jang Sung Eun is a neoclassic interior design enthusiast and she personally designed the furnishings of her house that will also be revealed in the episode. Instead of hiring industrial designer that could have cost her tens of millions, she came up with her own ideas for the designing of her home furnishings including the unique eye-catching polka dot chandelier. In particular, the MCs felt it was as if visiting an amusement park and they were astonished.

Jang Sung Eun who designed the album jacket of ‘Gangnam Style’ received a high-end computer from the successful international singer Psy,  this was also shown on the broadcast. The viewers will also get to see G-Dragon’s LP album that is unveiled for the first time and the appearance of Sandara Park and Lee Hi in the gym with Jang Sung Eun.

Meanwhile the viewers earned the chance to win Psy album character goods through lucky draw on FashionN ‘Suite Room’ Season 5 that broadcast at midnight on May 25.

Source: Star Daily News navertvcaast
Translated by: twosecondsdifference@flyhayi
Re-uploaded by: kamepi_chan@YGL/@Ellie_Belliee
Complied with minor edits by staff@ygladies.com



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KPop Secrets!: My brother an ex YG trainee.

When the YG audition was held in the US, my brother decided to audition, since he has a good voice and is a great popping dancer. He was accepted along with  with 3 other good talents, and had to move to Korea to begin his training.

He was a trainee for a good 2 years and a half but he had just dropped recently for so many reasons. 
YG is not the nicest company he said. They bash and bash and bash you then expect for you to do good. 
And by what he told us Yang Hyun Suk is very mean. He tells his trainee that if they’re not capable of doing anything perfect the door is very near for you. 

And he also calls his trainees who don’t dance well pigs and fat. 

I asked him if there were any rumours or secrets  about the idols company and he said that every rumour trainees whisper were either true or some kind of true, they weren’t “fake” or “false” 

*This is from my brother’s past trainee days, I nor does he know if it’s 100% true*

Dara is so nice she usually comes and greets the trainees and to cheer them up, he says that she’s not thinking of dating anyone so don’t expect a wedding for her anytime soon. 
Yang Hyun Suk is delaying 2NE1’s comeback on purpose, he says the more they’re late the more views they’d gain on their new comeback. 
CL may seem nice, but she actually is not. When the trainees greet her she doesn’t even smile she ignores them and go. Her face is glued on the cellphone, my brother says that he hears from the girl trainees that she’s dating someone but don’t know who.
Bom is an attention seeker, whenever something is highlighted on her she does anything to keep it going. She is nice though and very funny. 
Minzy’s parents tell her to stop doing the butt shaking since it’s bringing shame to her parents.

Big Bang: 
He never met any members of big bang except for Seungri. 
Seungri loves to flirt with girls. When he goes to see how the girl trainees are doing he praises them for their slim bodies or long hair. And the sex scandal was not true he wan’t in Japan whe it was reported. 
Daesung is really close to Girls Generation’s Yuri, he texts her everyday, and she’s the number one girl on his list for partying bit they keep it as a secret.
G-Dragon can’t stay a month without dating,  Japanese women turn him on. He thinks of himself as the money maker of Big Bang. Without him BB would be nowhere. Sex is his favourite meal on breakfast. 
Taeyang is forced to do those ugly hairdos. Yang Hyun Suk always says he’s an african american so he must act like one.
TOP is a cry baby, he is also very lonely. He was on depression pills before. He thinks he has no friends so he preferred to stay alone. His parents don’t call him. They say he’s taken away with fame so why would they call a son who’s famous. Daesung always keeps him enlightened that people want them and he gives him a good laugh. 
If Big Bang were not the money makers of YG they’d be disband a lot of years ago. They were going to disband  before the Tonight era.

Lee Hi: 
Yang Hyun Suk is just happy Lee Hi is doing better than 15&. He hates Park Jin Young. And does everything to wipe out his success. 
And he’s telling Lee Hi not to be bubbly and laughing a lot because he thinks it’s really bad for her reputation and singing career. So he’s forcing her on another personlity so different from hers.

That’s all he told me. 

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Yang Hyun Suk - 130117 10ASIA (KSTAR10) Interview Part 2!

10ASIA: To satisfy both the public and die-hard fans, don’t you have to control the artists’ output? Isn’t that the way to get support from the mainstream and stay creative at the same time?

YG: I think I am qualified enough to make comments to my artists about dancing because I trained as a dancer. After Seo Taiji and Boys disbanded, I studied harmony and midi for six months and that’s how I came to compose Jinusean’s “Gasoline”. I soon realized, though, that I’m not so gifted in writing music, so I decided to stop doing that. I’m knowledgeable enough about it to have discussions with my artists thanks to the experience. I can coach them about performing on the stage as I have a lot of experience from my days of Seo Taiji and Boys.

It is true that I dropped many other things, but I could never give up communicating with artists and creating music itself. On top of those, I’m very hands-on about the entire process of managing trainee artists. It’s not just what I love doing, but I know I can do it better than anyone else. 

10ASIA: I heard you still take part in sound work. You also played a role as a mixing engineer on every YG album, including PSY’s “Gangnam style”.

YG: A few months ago I was in charge of Epik High’s latest album and modified it three times (Laugh). The most important job I do in the company is judging what sounds good. I keep going until I am 100% satisfied.

“New girl group have both looks and talent”

10ASIA: It is your role to decide the color of the YG sound. Tell me about your criteria in judging what’s good and what’s not?

YG: I have listened to music and made music since I was little, so I know what makes good music. I can’t describe it with words or come up with a formula but there are certainly some criteria. My kind of sound is what the public likes and those tracks that don’t match my taste also failed to be well-received by the public. That’s why I always try to keep up with current global trends.

10ASIA: In “Gangnam Style,” things really come alive in the club scene. It’s also seems like a place where PSY might like to hang out at. 
YG: I’ve deejayed at clubs in my spare time and tried to make good music whether I’m listening to music on my small computer speaker or through those huge speakers at a club. I’m continuously doing my best to come up with good sounds whatever my listeners may be using to listen to music. That’s why I keep working with Jason Roberts who is a mixing engineer from my Seotaeji and Boys days. We’ve amassed a lot of insider knowledge together. He mixes a song and then the artist who wrote the song revises it and then I go over it. This is how we try to come up with sounds that are close to the global standard. That’s what we do during the week and we listen to the songs at clubs on weekends.

All these different aspects come together to create good music. These well-balanced sounds also create a great sense of space. If we only focus on the vocal side, we wouldn’t be able to make the whole space come alive. And if the production company isn’t involved in writing songs directly, you couldn’t just make the song better during the mixing process. That is the essence of the YG does.

10ASIA: Then what kind of sounds are you interested in nowadays?

YG: There seems to be no fixed trend with one particular kind of sound. Instead, trends seem to keep changing. Hip-hop was hot at one point and electronica became cool a little later. We tune sounds to fit the characteristic of the genre. They each have sounds that go well with them.

10ASIA: There is also a change in the pop music scene, where implicit standards that have never changed. You are currently producing a new girl group when the scene is full of idols. What criteria did you have in mind as you set about creating the group?
YG: There is no right answer such as “I prefer idols or artists”. I like them both, actually. I like talented idols and I can also proudly introduce artists to the public. However, there is not much demand for idols these days and it’s only natural for generic idols to start disappearing from the scene. Some have said I should make a second Big Bang but I that would be suicidal. How could there be another Big Bang?

So there was only one reason to create this new girl group. It’s because people say YG never consider their trainee’s looks. (laugh) I thought, “Alright then, I’ll make a team with both looks and talent”. I know people would love a group of girls who are gorgeous like other girl groups and also good at rapping and singing. There of course is a certain wave that comes and goes in pop culture and if a wave is strong, it’s hard to make it turn around. We can make the good wave last longer by making good contents thereby gaining our credibility.

10ASIA: Then the trainees should have something that makes them survive in any kind of situation. Like when you judge contestants on SBS “I Like Sundays – KPOP STAR,” do you have some criteria for picking out trainees?
YG:I didn’t choose them only based on their looks. Amongst good-looking trainees, I picked ones with talent and skills. There is always one aspect I like in all of them. I also have expectations on what they will show me next time I see them. You know, there are some handsome guys but they don’t touch your heart whereas there are some guys who may not be so gorgeous to look at but you find yourself being drawn to them. I guess that’s what people call “charm” or “charisma”. You either have it or you don’t. What’s important is help these charismatic, charming guys improve their skills through effort. That’s where I come into it.

“I’d like to create a band where Teddy plays the bass and G-Dragon plays the guitar”

10ASIA: Your role is to make YG artists reach their full potential but isn’t there a considerable business pressure after being a listed corporation? The market demands stable profits all the time.
YG: Of course we need that aspect for the company as a whole. But the company believes in me and follows me regarding point. We have an absolute criterion, namely we release what we like and what our artists like in any given situation. Most YG artists have been successful because we only did what we did when we were sure about each step. That will never change.

10ASIA: So that must mean you turn down projects which you feel you can’t do.

YG: I never get involved in the writing part of the music. I create the environment for them to work in, find out about what bothers them and just have a word with them if I feel they are being lazy at work. So everyone at YG turn to me as I’m the only one who controls the artists. When things go wrong, they all call me. I get tired to death in those situations. (laugh)

10ASIA: YG tends to release albums much later than your initial plans.

YG: Many people misunderstand that aspect. I may set the overall schedule for albums but it’s the artists who write the music. I inform the artist of the plan and urge him or her to follow it. But it makes no sense to force artists to hurry. For example, when G-Dragon is racking his brain to write music what is the point of forcing him to finish by July 1 just because that is the company’s plan? That’s not how YG does it. We only release the album when the artist says “It’s done.”

Of course I feel anxious when an album is delayed. After we got listed on the stock exchange, we set up an annual plan so we do have a schedule but I don’t see how I can push them when the producer is in agony. That’s why 2NE1 is doing the world tour with only one new song. I’d like to give them enough time to prepare but sometimes things don’t go as you planned. G-Dragon’s new album was also put off for two months so he had only one and a half month’s activities because of the world tour schedule. And I do understand his fans’ disappointment since he only appeared on “Inkigayo.”

10ASIA: It looks like artists have their own complaints whereas fans have their own concerns. And it’s your job to listen to both sides.
YG: It’s very stressful. But I know it’s more stressful for the artists. I don’t grill them every day. They may feel the pressure just by my presence. (laugh) It’s my job to stay up all night with them. And if something big happens, I figure it out. I humor and comfort them. As for G-Dragon’s album, I plan to drop it again since the release date was put off

10ASIA: You’re going to release another record?
YG: It was our initial plan was to drop a full-track record, not a mini-album. As the release date was put off, we had short time left for promotion. We all felt really bad about this so we`ve decided to release another solo album for G-Dragon and hold a concert next spring. Since Big Bang will be active until February, we are going to reserve G-Dragon enough time to prepare for it. Of course this is our plan as one never knows what may happen. (laugh) Since the schedule got tangled up and we didn’t have enough time for promotional activities, yes, there’ll be a record from G-Dragon and a concert.
We are also recording 2NE1’s new song after begging the producer Teddy (laugh) and the new song will be dropped as a single record first. I really feel bad that they’re doing the world tour with only one new song but that’s beyond my control. It’s the artists, not me who write the music and my job is to create the right environment.

10ASIA: You seem to set implicit principles and keep to them. But there must be times when everyone seems to be against what you’re doing. Do you ever feel lonely?
YG: In times like that, I just keep going instead of feeling lonely. I give it yet another try out of pride because I want to show that I was right. Of course I am wrong sometimes because I am human but I think that very quality is how YG was able to grow like this. Of course it can be lonely but I feel better after we come up with good results. And good results can only come from good principles.

10ASIA: You often mention your “implicit principles”. What are your aims?
Yang: I look up to Steve Jobs. I have never read his biography nor am I curious about his life. What I know is that he gave the public something useful, the iPhone. And he changed everything with that single device. I heard that he was kicked out from a company and once he was told his design would be impossible to realize. But he made it possible and I want to do the same thing. It’s not important how big one’s share is in the market. What is important is how we show our stuff to the global music market. People say what percentage of shares I have in YG, but, even though my share value may change, our standard, our principles about what’s right and wrong will never change. It’s about conviction.

10ASIA: Sounds like your dream with YG has just begun.

YG:That’s right. People who are much richer than me told me that I must be happy because I became successful doing what I love. It feels good to hear that. I’m a really happy man. Personally, I want to learn how to drum as a hobby. I did learn it a little when I was in Seo Taeji And Boys, I’d like to play the drums in my 50’s and 60’s. I want to form a band where Teddy plays the bass and G-Dragon plays the guitar. I also dream of a project group where we can have fun. Rather than expanding my business, my dream is to make a room to jam in, where my friends and I can play around with instruments and have fun.

Source & Translated by: 10Asia//KSTAR10

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Lee Ha Yi @ 130118 Incheon Airport (Back from Malaysia)!

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Lee Ha Yi - Backstage @ 130116 27th GDA [D-2]!

oh! i see gd! kkk #LeeHI #GD

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Lee Ha Yi @ 130116 27th GDA [D-2]!

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YG Family [x]

lovely brothers >w< #YGFamily

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[PERFORMANCE] 121214 Lee Hi - ‘1,2,3,4’ + Talk + ‘Love’ @ 2012 Winter Concert broadcasted by SBS Power FM

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